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Tips for taking good photos of your game.

Antler Ridge Outfitters would like to show off your Buck or Turkey. Please take time to get some good shots for yourself and for us!

1. Select a proper background A quality picture of downed game will have a background similar to the area where the animal was harvested or drive to the nearest property that allows you to use the same type of background in the pictures. A little effort goes a long way. The tailgate or a garage is unprofessional.

2. Crop the picture In the viewfinder or digital screen, close in on the subject so you are getting the hunter and the deer in the center.

3. Cosmetic checklist. Is the animal’s tongue in its mouth? Clean up any blood. Are you wearing the camouflage you were while harvesting the animal? Is your weapon included in the picture?

4. Take the picture between eye level of the animal and the hunter The angle that you take the picture at affects the quality. The hunter can hold the animal a little further away from his body creating the illusion that the animal is bigger than what it actually is.

5. Take many pictures of many poses While we don’t suggest spending hours trying to capture the perfect shot, we do suggest you get at least 20 pictures with at least 3-5 different poses. What may look good to you on the cameras digital playback may not look good on a 20-inch computer screen. Improper cropping, out of focus subjects, poor exposure, and many other unnoticed imperfections at the time may occur so by taking a higher number of pictures, you better your chances for that perfect picture.